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  • Gear motor assembly positioning
  • Rough calculation of the moment of inertia that your mechanism will be moved by the rotary table
  • Cycle times
  • Forces
  • Axial load:
    Represents the total mass evenly distributed on the turntable (or total weight)(*) – the maximum total load refers to the forces on the turntable. This does not mean that the indexing table will be able to rotate this mass, as the rotation depends on three factors:

    • angular distance traveled (or number of stations)
    • angular speed / acceleration
    • moment of total inertia (masses and distance the masses are from the center of the turntable)
  • Axial load
  • Radial load:
    Represents forces perpendicular to the center of the rotating plate, generally exerted by actuators outside the indexing table, aligned to the center of this plate
  • Radial load
  • Vertical torque:
    It represents the unbalance of masses on the turntable, or the twisting of this turntable, usually caused by actuators outside the indexing table that exert axial force on only one side of the turntable
  • Vertical torque
  • Horizontal torque:
    represents external forces in the direction of rotation of the index table, forcing the rotating plate to rotate or brake
  • Horizontal torque
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